As CRC Rota we manufacture and supply marble, iron, steel, timber, cement, construction material, tile, travertine, door, window, mineral, metallurgy, ore, raw metal, iron steel, steel beam, deformed steel bar, hollow section, bar, deformed bar, steel hollow section, ms angel, ms plate, steel angle, steel plate, nonferrous metal, rare metal, metal product, metal scrap, pine, spruce, walnut, oak, beech, ash, white portland cement, portland cement, natural portland cement, pine timber, spruce timber, walnut timber, oak timber, beech timber, ash timber, construction materials, cements, steels, irons, marbles, travertines... CRC Rota was established with a strong network of suppliers, each carrying TSE and CE European Union Conformity Certificates. CRC Rota is an internationally recognized company in the fields of construction and real estate materials such as cement, marble, travertine, other quarry stones and slabs, metal and plastic materials, bricks, doors, windows and accessories, tiles, timbers and etc. We are a leading export company located in Izmir, Turkey. With a strong background on supplying information to our customers, we provide professional consultancy on export processes such as detailed information about port availability and logistics for major export-import ports of Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean region. CRC Rota has been providing products and services reaching diverse locations worldwide; from Balkan region to Central Asia, from European region to Africa. Our goal is delivering products to any location globally in the most efficient way; • by meeting the global needs of customers using our unique supply chain management, shipping and logistic network, and • by further developing partnerships with international network of suppliers that provides flexibility to adopt in global industry dynamics. Top quality products meeting international standards, on time shipments and competitive prices; both bringing success to our customers with our guidance and assistance.

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